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FOCUS Consulting is the process facilitation department of FOCUS Adventure. FOCUS Adventure is one of the leading experiential learning and adventure learning service provider in the region, with more than 28 years of experiences working with multinational corporations and major government agencies.

Process facilitation is used in business and organizational http://jobitel.com/ settings to ensure the designing and running of successful meetings. At the heart of FOCUS Consulting is our belief that the solutions lie in the people and facilitation enables organizations to harness valuable ideas and insights from within, as such, FOCUS Consulting adopts a facilitative approach

  1. Breaks down traditional organization boundaries
  2. Enables people to explore and learn as a team
  3. Builds consensus and strengthen commitment

Here at FOCUS Consulting, we believe that process facilitation workshops should be designed in an interactive and engaging manner for quality conversations to take place. FOCUS Consulting unique blend of facilitation approaches is a mixed of thoughtful discussion conducted in an interactive and light-hearted atmosphere. No matter how serious the topics are, we believed that an upbeat and positive environment is more conducive for idea generation and problem-solving.

One of the most popular programme design is a mix of FOCUS Consulting process facilitation and FOCUS Adventure teambuilding activities. Group either begin the session with teambuilding activities followed by https://xjobs.org/ facilitated meeting or the other way around. Regardless of the programme arrangement, the activities learning outcome will be purposefully aligned to the aim of the meeting, to reinforce the workshop objectives.


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